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Welcome to Heart & Soul Fitness

Welcome to Heart & Soul Fitness where our goal is to help you reach yours.  We provide you with the tools needed to help you become stronger internally and externally.  In reality no matter how good you look on the outside if you don’t feel good on the inside you will never have the proper balance in life.  There are no quick fixes and if you expect to see results you need to do the work involved.  If you are ready to take that step in becoming a better version of you for life, then contact us today.

Lena Biniaris, New Westminster, BC
“I look forward to my workouts with Angela. After each workout I know I’m stronger, healthier and closer to my fitness goals. I’m never bored and I feel confident that Angela is giving me the best workout! I LOVE her enthusiasm and passion for fitness!”

Check Out My Training Services

personal training

Personal Training

Each session is 1 hour in length and all rates are based on a package of 8 prepaid sessions. Fitness assessment and goal setting are included in all packages. Packages expire within 3 months of purchasing.
drop in training

Drop In Personal Training

Each session is 1 hour in length and all rates are based on drop in only. Session must be paid for in full before the service is provided.
monthly classes

Monthly Classes

All classes are 1 hour in length and include warm up, strength training, cardio, balance and a cool down stretching portion. All rates are based on prepaid monthly packages only and will not be carried over to the next month.